A Mouth Breather's Perspective

The design of a certain show's intro is so good, it keeps the world sane in these dark, dark times. 

I love my mother and father very much, but they can barely work any sort of technology beyond a calculator. So when they called to tell me they had finished the new season of Stranger Things [on their smart tv] I found myself in the upside down. So if you haven't seen it yet, you are what Destiny's Child would call a scrub. If missing Stranger Things Season 2 is beyond your control you are lying to yourself. Or maybe you need medical assistance, in which case, stop reading and call your health provider to see how much an ambulance ride is going to cost you. While you are at it, see if the hospital you're vacationing at has Netflix so you can get to work. 

Being as there is really no excuse for anyone out there to not have found 12 hours in their short lives to plop down and watch this instant classic by the double Duffers, let's talk about those intro credits. If you look up amazing film intros using the Dewey Decimal System, this one shows up right after Star Wars, Harry Potter and right before the James Bond, Pirates of the Carribean films. It's good. Good enough that it pulls you in and makes you stay hour after hour. According to my eleven minutes of research, it was created by the motion graphics master, Jacob Bogohosian. It is without a doubt a crowning jewel. Go ahead and take a quick look again, and again if you need too. Don't feel bad if you watch it more then recommended, I am right there with you sister. 

It is not only simple but a complete ode to the times the show is based in. It is a perfect design. Purposeful in that it is reminiscent of the times the show is based and relatable to our time, the Netflix age. It calls back to the covers of those Stephin King Novels that are older than myself. It uses a modified version of the ITC Benguiat typeface. When those letters slowly inch themselves together, it is as if it mimics the mystery of the show's plot coming together. Go on, you can't help but get goose pimples. The noisy glow of that red neon, combined with dark synth theme music—dont mind me, I'll just be here with my Eggo waiting for season 3.