It is a new day everyone. We are about to enter a world where designing everything everywhere is what the people want more then the actual thing. 

We have all picked up a doohicky at the store only to set it back sucker down and reach for it’s better-looking neighbor. Why? Well because you are vain, but besides that, packaging matters. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover—to a certain extent.

Homogony and sameness in the form of a set of products is a slowly dying curse that plagued our supermarkets. Everything looks just as it should, which can be nice in some instances, but we've changed. Youths are all so unique and special it makes me want to vomit and cry tears of joy at the same time. We are all turning a corner here, and it looks like the curated look could unseat indifferent one of old.

Everything from toothbrushes to your thermostat is either customizable or is built into the new marketing brand of the entity that is producing the object. Your grandfather's Oldspice is flipping weird and the Phillips light bulbs you used to chuck into your basket without a second thought are now all wonky. I love it. 

As everything is now designed as a brand, the buyer is now given the option to, in a way, design themselves. It is the collected look that will dominate trends moving forward. Everything everywhere is special; and as such, it deserves its own distinctive look that if you don't recognize, then good. Just as long as it is not like anything else. [Just like you!]

A great example of this is the packaging of the natural skin oil, yes skin oil, by Neighborhood Botanical. It Tarantino movie poster-graphic novel-60's vibe was masterfully created by Joe Prytherch. It is just what this unassuming brand needs to get those customers to drop that bottle they picked up first, and reach on over for Neighborhood Botanicals own uncommon goods.