A Glyph One: Raul Aguila

The perfect match for a designer who strives for more than just usable.

I am going to start off with the one designer who has had a big ole influence on me in my barely off the ground career. His name is Raul Aguila. According to his non-existent Wikipedia page, his work is amazing. It has changed from each leap and bound he has made from New York Magazine, Wired, and at the time of this post—Esquire. 

His work is hands down a classic. It is the kind of design that makes one think of that huge behemoth of a city nestled between the cold Hudson River and the even colder Atlantic. It is modern, but bows low to the esthetic of yesteryear. It the kind of work that has a hard edge but you can't help but love. In his own words, "Designers shooting for usable is like a chef shooting for edible." In other words, if you are looking for something easy best try something else, because Raul's going to make you work. To me, the perfect libation for Raul's work is a Manhattan.


Raul Aguila




Combine 3 parts Whiskey [Hibiki Japanese Harmony preferred] with 1 parts Sweet Vermouth [Punt e Mes preferred]  in a cocktail mixing class. Add ice and stir until chilled. Strain into a sturdy glass tumbler, then give it a dash of bitters [Angostura preferred.] Garnish with Cherry [Luxardo preferred.