Buy Me Something: The Holiday Edition 2017

Are you ready for the joy that comes with not having your rent ready come January 1st? Follow me and the rest of the sugar plum fairies to find that perfect gift for that vague hipster in your life, otherwise known as a Graphic Designer. 

For the most part, graphic designers are some of the most unique people out there. Let's save our therapists some time and be real honest for the quickest second. No matter how unique we may be, if all our friends were jumping off bridges, most of us would not hesitate and follow suit. Seeing as it is the holiday season and everyone and their mother is making holiday gift guides, I too will put my toes on the edge of the proverbial railing before diving head first into that murky river. So grab yourself another eggnog, throw one more yule log on that rage of a fire and let's get this over with.


My parents think what I do for a living is mostly putz around with a crayon. Now I know a designer's work may be considered more fun than that of a dirt digger, but that's not to say that our jobs are not work. Work is work. And all work is done best when music is being played. When you settle in for a two hour go at cutting out the pine needles on a Christmas tree for the second time in a single day, all you really need is some jazzy trap music pumping into your head. If you consider yourself an upstanding citizen, get yourself a nice pair of noise-canceling headphones so when your blasting Post Malone, you don't disturb your coworkers. If tinnitus truly is on your list to Santa this year, check out these headphones.


If you have ever done freelance work for a friend, you know what it is like to want to die. When it comes to making yet another menu for your cousin's friend's new tapas and whiskey bar your gonna want to first and foremost keep your shit together. I would suggest something to take the edge off. No not booze, that will come later in the guide. If you like the idea of keeping that neck vein down and lowering your stress levels without killing your liver, try a stress ball. Lance Armstrong seems to like them and he is the most honest person next to Washington, Lincoln, and Jesus. Get a nice one, you deserve it. Link below. 


Back The Herald Angels Sing

Let's face it, we are a good looking bunch. Shall we collectively decide to keep it that way? When you spend the majority of your days in a half-broken office chair hunched over a keyboard and mouse like that Smeagol guy from those Lord of the Rings movies your not helping the cause. Back problems affect 99.8% of Americans, which isn't actually a real figure, but it sounds about right. If we want to keep our youthful charm and stay beautiful this holiday season, we should look no further then to those helpful bros in Silicon Valley. Solving all those problems you didn't know you had one little white plastic gadget at a time, those sun-kissed nerds have something for us to keep our postures intact as death slowly inches towards us. This little guy is exactly what you need. 


Art school is the most expensive party you will ever go too. It is a wondrous place where you learn how weird you can actually get. It is a beautiful thing, but when it comes to all those other learned things we choose not to follow up on, we are lacking. For most of us, the calculator on our phones is all the cheat sheet we will need to get through life. So, math, check. But when it comes to grammar, ugh. Words are hard, and you can't get away from them. Our work is all about storytelling. Ditto for language and grammar. If you could go without the embarrassment of using a misplaced comma or ruse that a sentence fragment causes. Splurge this winter and get yourself some help. If your really feeling generous take those mittens off, log in, and get the upgrade.

Christmas Cheers

If this list doesn't tickle your fruitcake and you find yourself still, somehow, unsure about what you should get the designer in your life this holiday, skip everything I have said so far. Get booze.