Predicting The Futura

Drum roll please, as I throw caution to the wind and make wild predictions as to what the next cheap trick we will all overcook in the coming year.

Now that the crapshoot of a year our children's children will know as the infamous 2017 is nearly in the bag, we can now look to the wide-eyed and bushy-tailed 2018. 2018 really cant be worse than its very near forefather. Odds are, according to some philosopher whom I most likely cannot spell their name, the best art is created out of trauma. Or at least intelligent people believe  to be true. If you consider yourself in that boat then we are in for a good year as designers. Here is what I think we will see in 2018 to make that great hope a reality. 

Say Jeez

You know the look. It is full of crushed velvet, saturation, and no regret. We all want what we cant have. Our viewers grow weary of those the perfect pictures. They want to see something so hideous but admirable. Human's love for Pugs is now personified as what I like to call "Beautifully Ugly Photography"

TIME's Game of Thrones Cover

Miles Aldridge/New York Times 

WIRED's Food 2016 Feature

Keirnan Monnaghan & Theo Vamvounakis/Wired Magazine

New Serif in Town

Step aside Helvetica. You and the rest of your simple friends have been replaced. Gone are the days where people are interested in sleek and modern fonts with no soul. Don't call it a comeback, because these fonts aren't oldtimers—even though they may look like it. Now is the era of big and punchy serifs such as fonts like Goudy HeavyfaceCooper Black and Windsor or Brighton. These new display fonts have a wide range of weights and characteristics with one thing in common. They are striking. Texas Monthly greatly uses these kinds of fonts time and time again. 

Texas Monthly's Made In Texas: Gift Guide 2017 Web Page

Typeface: Unkown

Freelance the Rapper

Everyone and their mother has a Creative Cloud subscription. Which of course makes them a professional. With that subscription, we can not only use our standbys such as Illustrator and Indesign, but with some newbies like Animate and Muse. In 2018 we are now animators and web designers without the degrees. We are so much more but likely half the price. 2018 will be the year for not just rebranding but big picture rebranding for all the recent shifts in our society{see Bonus prediction.] With the bountiful contracts being so abundant sites like Upwork, Fiver, and 99designs will be our best companions. Sites like Unsplash and Google Fonts will help give us a boost to those profit margins. Best to be ready for the new wave of work that is headed to your desk. The cherry on top for freelancers is in thanks to the little documentary series by Netflix called Abstract. This show, and its unbeliveable lineup, makes graphic design a buzzword that people cant stop saying. When your in the hearts and minds of companies around the country there is little freelancers can do but be rock stars in 2018; just less douchey.

Going Freelance

It's Nice That Supported by A/D/O

Bonus: Let the Rebrand Play

2018 will be the year designers really do their part in the helping the good fight when it comes to inclusivity. We will really pull our weight in helping companies rebrand and market themselves in a world full of bright lights and inclusivity. That means more design built for all genders—LGBTQ—and more then just white persons. A real challenge we can start to work on in '18.

Type With Pride

NYC Pride & NewFest with Ogilvy & Mather’sTypeface: Gilbert

Netherlands National Women's Soccer Crest