What a Trip

Piña Coladas while on vacation are God's gift to humanity—until it is Monday morning, the rum is all dried up and you step on the pointy end of that little umbrella because you're running late. Trips are great and all, but they should be so much more.

Whether you are sipping on a free half soda at 39,000 ft. or your dodging marmots on the turnpikes that connect this great country, nothing is more inspiring than taking a trip. Well maybe a pretty person that likes you back, but for this instance, I'm all about that thoroughfare. 

Getting out and seeing the world is a shot of adrenaline to your creative gallbladder. [Don't believe me? Prove yourself wrong and check Web M.D.—finsh reading this first though] With all the amazing things out there—from big ole balls of yarn to palaces made of corn you can't help but think, damn there is so much more out here than I ever imagined. All of it waiting to be experienced. Unless you are have taken a semester off, to follow your dream and try your hand in becoming an evil jackass, there is nothing better you can do with all your earthbound experiences then share it with others the best way you can. Which is what Jakub Lehmann has done with his project 10,000 Miles.

I think what makes this project so extraordinary is how it reminds us forgetful failures, that trips ain't just the antitheses of going to work. Sure, squishing your ever-growing love handles into a bus seat for a twelve-hour ride to stay in a $90-a-night-hotel; nestled in some humid beach town is great. But maybe we shouldn't think of vacations like those as something to strive for. Before you start in on how you just want two weeks of sleeping in Boca, away from you'r boss let this design speak for me.

See I was right, this Pole did good. The project is comprised of two remarkably designed books. Both chronicling two little trips stateside. The miles racked up was about 9,800. The days spent were 109. The creative inspiration gained was incalculable. Alone, the covers may be a bit confusing—but push those puppies together and it's next level. The inside is a cool summer breeze to read [other than it is mostly in Polish, which I do not know.] The graphics are truly as awe-inspiring as The Grand Canyon. I always appreciate when a design is dictated by purpose, and this project's color pallet just makes sense given the subject. in other words, I like the red, white, and blue.

The best thing about this project is how a trip wasn't just a good time but how it went on to become a tangible thing. Sure, it is almost a guarantee that a nap or six was had on Mr. Lehmann's trip. It is more powerful to mau that this little holiday became a source of influence. Letting oneself be mindful of inspiration is something we should all do when its time to begrudgingly go visit our Mema. So the next time I go slinking along the boulevard, cruising in the sunkissed seas, hurrying down the runway, or zipping by the freeway I'm going to go on and get myself woke to the spectacle of the things I pass by.