You are a strong, kind, and independent ... classical oil painting? Yes, and you can thank the warlocks who run Google for their mastery of math and algorithms. Don't let your humility get in the way—turn that camera to forward facing mode, its time to get on the trend train. Classical art is rad again. 

Doppelgänger isn’t just a 6th-grade spelling bee stumper. No, this bumbling buzz word hailing from deep in the Black Forrest is not only fun to sound out, but it’s the next forgettable mobile past time. Like that ponderous dancing hotdog that was bigger than Jesus for a weekend, people can’t get enough of matching their own ugly mug’s too classical works of art. When It comes time to apologize to your great-great-grand-robots, you can point your sticky finger at the internet for making you do it. You can also show those younglings you do in fact look somewhat like that bro in the foreground of that one Rembrandt doodle. Even more importantly with Google Arts and Culture App, you’ve got receipts to prove those circuit filled brat’s wrong.

If you haven’t tried it yet, get at it. It’s minutes and minutes of fun and time that you don’t have to spend on vacuuming. The best feature of the app is the multiple face matches it gives you. This comes in handy when it is time to pick between a funny or hot renaissance twin to show the Instagram.

Even better than the 25 or so likes you’re going to get from doing this, is the appreciation the arts will get. When high art is so unreachable by the masses, this little game lets the public in on a world they are so regularly shunned from. With all the Greats now live on your mobile device, inspiration is bound to follow. Congrats Picasso, you’ve made it.  

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contemporary art now LIVE and in color. Big city at no cost is just a plus.

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Art app for kids—since they are better at your phone then you are.

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