Illustration ain’t dead

Grasp for those watercolors and oils, sharpen those charcoals, the time of the illustration is drawing near.

Illustrations or photographs. It's a clumsy teen love story of red vs blue. Nice Guy vs Bad Boy. What is more better, more worth it, more pleasing? For a lot of us mouse clicking fiends who are known mostly for our creative ability, photos have been seen as the go-to for a long while. If there is a story to tell, then you have it photographed. If it is a project about something, someone, or somewhere—click, photo. But look! An ominous crossroads is dead ahead. And it looks like the illustration route is about to flip things on its beautifully lit ear. 

Ever been grossed out by old times food illustrations in your grandma’s musty handmedown cookbooks? Sure you have. At one time, those flubber like drawings of jello where the height of design. Illustration was the Keano Reeves of its day. It was the chosen one. This jem of an idea is seeping its way back to us. Which is not the first time. It’s is an esthetic that has come in and out of the forefront since photogarphy was popularized. It’s is even an minor plot point In G-Papí Del Toro’s latest and greatest addition to the cinematic universe, “The Shape Of Water” A gay, hopeless romantic illustrator, on the outs, up against new age thinking, helps his force-to-be-reckon-with horndog neighbor find the fishman of her dreams. #noslutshaming #youdoyou Lesson being, illustration is a topic that is being talked about even outside our circle.

Perhaps it is the abundance of photos [Thanks IG] which makes us who we are now. Perhaps it is the abondanve of young illustrators willing and able to do work. Perhaps it’s just the timing. All of them lead to illustration being back. Proof?? Texas monthly’s “50 Greatest BBQs” Cover. It’s is a modern renisaince painting, and a monument too what illustration is cabable of. Awards, awards—give them every award we can afford. if you don’t know the work the team at TM is up to, you should and you will. Links, links, links. 

Still not convinced. Then let’s look at a worldwide leader in fashion and trend setting, Eddie Bauer—kidding! Welcome to the House of Gucci. [whipe your feet] There new campaign? Illustrated. It’s a high fashion move, built on high quality drawings by trendsetter and masterclass human Ignasi Monreal. Taking photos would have been expected. At the very least it would have been easier to produce. What it means is that what they chose to build a rock hard testimony to what illustration can do that photos can’t. It is representing a fantastical feeling rather then showing an achievable fact. Its about the feeling more then the science. It’s a new hierarchy that could be the new norm soon. And I’m feeling good.