On the Rise: A Promotion Happens

Your lookin' at the newest Senior Designer at Milwaukee Magazine. To celebrate this promotion, here's a short list of other astonishing promotions in design history— self-promotion that is. 

Letting the mundane be, well, not mundane

Creatives at Dark Igloo are weird. But good weird. If you need proof check out their website's contact page. Keep you'r quarters in your pocket my friend, this page is an arcade game that is free and you always "win." Whats not to love?


Make yourself up

Sure talk is cheap but actions are just better. Why promote yourself with a bunch of sound pollution when you can just show people how cool you are. Boys and Girls let there creativity do the talking.


Be smart but really funny

Clever is the word. Vasava knows exactly what it means. Just look at these. "Work your socks off" limited edition collectable sock? Jesus I just laughed alone at my computer. Thank you.